Witless Wizards


Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Time: 15-20 Min

Witless Wizards is a fast and humorous card game for 2-4 players played in only 15-25 minutes.
At the start of the game the players choose 3 of the available decks to shuffle together to form a common deck. Each round, all players will draw cards from the common deck to equip themselves and their opponents. On your turn you draw cards one at a time and have to decide which player you are going to give the drawn card getting to keep one card for youself and one to an opponent.
If you draw a good card, you can keep it for yourself, but perhaps the next card is even better or it makes a great combination for your opponent. Perhaps you need to use some of those concentration cubes you kept to draw additional cards.
In order to win, players have to equip themselves with better weapons than their opponents and deal enough damage to be the last wizard standing, declaring themselves the most powerful wizard of all time! — description from publisher

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